Resources for managing anxiety

Below are some free resources to help you manage anxiety. There are three videos; each sharing a particular technique you can use and also an audio recording for those feeling worry, panic or fear in the midst of the current COVID19 pandemic.


I also offer 1-1 support via Zoom video, to help you manage anxiety. Check out my Beat Anxiety Gold package (the most comprehensive, cost-effective way of working with me) and also my pay-as-you-go sessions.  

Box Breathing 

In this video I show you how to use box breathing to ease your anxiety.


This technique is used by the SAS and first responders in highly stressful situations. It can help you manage your own stress and anxiety.

Quickly create feelings of calm and confidence

In this video I guide you through an NLP technique which is helpful to use just before you go into situations which normally create anxiety.

Ease the physical symptoms of anxiety

In this video I guide you through a technique to help ease physical symptoms of anxiety.

20 minute guided meditation for those expereincing worry, panic or fear in the midst of the current COVID19 pandemic

This 20 minute guided meditation will help you to connect to your inner calm, power and strength, release fear and boost your immune system. 

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