How to make a decision: head, heart or gut?

Making decisions can sometimes be a tricky deal. People will tell you to ‘listen to your heart’ or ask ‘what is your gut instinct’? But sometimes it’s hard to know. When making any decision (whether it’s about work, a change of lifestyle, a relationship, a course of study, a major purchase or even some of the smaller decisions) we need to understand what our head, heart and gut are telling us. Our head uses logic. Our head will look at all the information we have, and it will use previous experiences and our belief systems to look at the pros and cons. This can be an effective way of making a decision. However, sometimes our experiences and belief systems are shaped by fear or lack of self-e

A guide to your solar plexus chakra

Continuing this series of blog posts, we will now look at the third of the seven main chakras; the solar plexus chakra. The solar plexus chakra is about our identity, our ego, self-esteem and willpower. Whereas the first chakra keeps us grounded and secure, and the second chakra helps us acknowledge and feel our emotions, this third chakra is about us taking action, moving forward with direction and momentum, meeting challenges and radiating our power in the world. Linked to the digestive system, which assimilates food and nutrients, this chakra also helps us to assimilate thoughts and ideas. It is about being autonomous, taking responsibility for our choices and actions and displaying self-

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