A guide to your root chakra

The root chakra is the first of the seven main chakras and needs to be in balance before we can work on balancing the other chakras. As the first of the chakras, the root chakra is closest to the earth and is therefore the most physical of our chakras. It relates to our physical body and being grounded in our bodies. It represents our life force energy and, as the most physical of our chakras, it relates to survival – so it links with our self-preservation, security, safety, natural instincts and our flight or fight response. Below is a summary of the some of the main attributes of the root chakra. Chakra: Root (base) Sanskrit name: Muladhara (meaning ‘root su

Five books to change your life

Over the years and throughout my training and practice I have read hundreds of books on self-development, spirituality and self-improvement. Some of these were so-so and some were really interesting. However, five books in particular have had a really powerful and life-changing affect on me so I wanted to share these with you: This book is a fantastic tool if you’re looking for purpose and meaning in your life. If you don’t really love what you do but you’re not sure what you actually do want to do, this book helps you discover your passions, talents and purpose. It is packed with exercises, including meditations and mind-mapping (where you ‘dump’ your thoughts into a kind of ‘map’ on paper)

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