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I was delighted to be a part of Victoria Brown's fabulous podcast series 'Live fit Now' and in this episode Victoria and I chat about hypnotherapy and healing. I bust a few myths and share some helpful techniques.

Using lockdown to get the best out of your daily routine

Lockdown - it's a funny old time, and all of us are affected differently. However we are affected, many of us are experiencing changes to our usual routine. If your daily tasks and timescales are currently more flexible than they were pre-lockdown, this is the perfect time to experiment with the best daily routine for you. When I used to work in a '9-5' corporate job my morning routine involved getting up at the same early hour, having a shower, rushing to work and eating breakfast at my desk. I always craved more flexibility in my day and longed for the time when I no longer had to follow a set routine. When I became self-employed I had all the flexibility I wanted. And, lo and behold, I su

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