Wellbeing in the workplace

Our wellbeing in the workplace services are provided by qualified therapists and consultants and can help your employees to:

       Reduce stress and anxiety

       Find and maintain a work-life balance

       Improve resilience – remaining calm through challenges and being focused during times of pressure

       Understand personal internal narrative and thoughts

       Access and maintain positive emotions

       Manage behaviours and reactions

       Make effective and calm decisions

       Deal with specific emotional or physical problems that are impacting on their work

       Increase motivation and feel inspired

       Accelerate performance.


Our services


For groups

       25 minute ‘Stressball’ sessions

       45 minute ‘Managing the Mind’ workshops, four different topics available:

              - Stress relief and mindfulness

              - Manage your thoughts

              - Change your emotional state

              - Improve your sleep.

       90 minute ‘Managing Stress’ Masterclass

       Six-week ‘Managing Yourself’ course

       Yoga classes

       Fitness classes 


For individuals

       25 minute ‘De-Stress and Re-balance’ session

       25 minute ‘Power up the mind’ session

       15 minute chair massage

       One-to-one coaching

       Personal training - fitness/lifestyle


Download our wellbeing in the workplace information pack for more information on our services.

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