12-week 'Fit Mind, Fit Body' programme

Introducing our 12 week transformation package giving you everything you need to take control of your fitness, diet and confidence – so you can look and feel amazing.

Do you want to lose weight, tone up and get fit but don't know where to start? 


Do you struggle with motivation?

Do you find it hard to stay on a diet? 


Do you find going to the gym daunting?


If so, the 'Fit Mind. Fit Body' progamme from Intuitive Giraffe and LiveFitNow is for you: A personalised exercise programme with regular sessions, nutritional guidance, goal-setting, monitoring and hypnotherapy to help you overcome any obstacles. There's no excuses! We support you in working towards your goals by helping you work through each issue getting in your way.


Working in a private setting we will listen to your needs, understand what has or hasn't worked for you in the past and design a personalised programme just for you.  The 12-week 'Fit Mind, Fit Body' programme includes:

        12 x one-hour personal training sessions each week (12 in total) with personal trainer, Vicki Brown, at her private training gym in Wash    Common, Newbury. Vicki will help you get fitter, stronger and more flexible, showing you the benefits of lifting weights and how to lift them correctly which will help you to feel stronger and more confident by the end of the programme. You will be learning skills that you can carry forward and use for life.   


        A one-hour consultation via telephone or Skype with hypnotherapist, Lindsay Heath, to discuss your mindset and any thoughts, feelings  or behaviours that may be preventing you from achieving your goals.   

        3 x one-hour face-to-face hypnotherapy sessions focused on your specific concerns or obstacles to your goals, whether it's diet, motivation or confidence. During sessions we will work on re-setting your beliefs to help you fulfil your dreams.

In total you will get 16 hours face-to-face in a private setting with Lindsay and Vicki, who's methods complement each other, to help you achieve your health and fitness goals.


Fit Mind, Fit Body - the programe to kickstart your personal transformation

Total investment for the 12-week programme: £740  (that's less than £250 a month)

Find out more

To find out more, drop me an email at lindsay@intuitivegiraffe.com or call me on 01635 745009. Or if you're ready to book simply pay via paypal or credit or debit card by clicking the link below.

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"My choices have completely changed and I mean completely! My habits are so different, I actually almost can't believe it! I can't thank you enough. I honestly feel like you've changed my life" 

A lovely client, Newbury