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Quit smoking hypnotherapy

If you want to give up smoking but would like some support, hypnotherapy is a great option. You may have tried to give up in the past and struggled with willpower or overcoming cravings. Hypnotherapy helps by talking directly to your subconscious mind and re-programming it to believe you are a non-smoker, therefore helping to bypass willpower issues and withdrawal symptoms.


I am a qualified hypnotherapist and also an ex-smoker so I understand your struggle and will only have non-judgemental compassion for you. I have given up successfully using this very same hypnotherapy technique so I am proof that it works! If you want to give up smoking – for yourself and not someone else and you are committed to doing so I would love to work with you.


Only one appointment is needed and it lasts an hour and a half. The cost is £150.00.

What happens at the appointment?

We will talk in some length about your smoking habit. This is so that I can get as much information as possible so I can personalise the hypnosis for you. Some hypnotherapists use a standard script but I find if the hypnosis is tailor-made to match an individual’s own thoughts, beliefs, wants and needs, it has much greater success rates. We will then have a chat about the hypnosis itself so I can explain to you how it works and answer any questions you have and we will then go into the hypnosis part of the session. Most clients describe this as being “very relaxing but also feeling alert".

Find out more or book

If you would like to arrange a free 15-minute telephone conversation to ask any questions please just give me a call on 07921 123329 or send me an email. 


Or if you're ready to go, just call me or email me to book your appointment:

Tel: 07921 123329



Here's what recent clients have said:


“I found Lindsay very approachable. She showed a genuine understanding for how difficult it is for people to stop smoking. I found Lindsay was a good listener, supportive and non-judgemental.  I haven't had a cigarette now for almost 3 weeks, I've joined a gym and feel more committed to my exercise programme now that I'm not compromising it with polluting my lungs. I'm quite sure that, although I really wanted to give up smoking, I wouldn't have been able to achieve it so easily and painlessly without the hypnotherapy. I would definitely recommend sessions with Lindsay to my friends and family”.

MN, Newbury


“The session has meant that I have been smoke-free and have never looked back. I am confident that even when stressed at work, I do not need a cigarette, and more so when I have been out socially with other smokers I have not been tempted to have one!  I am actually excited to tell people now! Lindsay was very easy to talk to and I felt completely relaxed to discuss all of my personal thoughts with her. She was a good listener and used my own words during the session which demonstrates her ability to take on board the reasons why it was so important to me personally. I would totally recommend sessions with Lindsay to friends and family (and already have!). Lindsay, thank you! Thank you for giving me my life back.
Anonymous, Thatcham

“As a regular smoker, and somebody who has tried several other methods to quit including vaping, this has been the most successful method. Absolutely amazing experience. I felt relaxed and comfortable within seconds of meeting Lindsay. I would 100% recommend Lindsay and have done to all that have asked”.
James, Hermitage

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