Self-confidence and self-esteem

Do you struggle with self-confidence and self-esteem?


Do you question yourself and compare yourself to others?


Do you sometimes feel you're not good enough?


Are your thoughts about yourself often negative?

Do you often worry or feel nervous? 

If you can relate to this you may feel that you’re being held back from achieving full happiness and success. You may feel you’ve not quite achieved at work or not attracted the right partner. Low self-esteem can affect us in many ways and each person is different, with their own history, upbringing, experiences and thoughts. This is where hypnotherapy comes in. We can talk to that part your mind that holds all of your history and experiences and re-progamme it to have different, more empowering beliefs. How so? Well, your mind is made up of your conscious mind and your subconscious mind.


Conscious versus subconscious mind
Your conscious mind is the thinking, logical part of your mind – the part that plans, analyses and sets goals. Your subconscious mind is the part of your mind that stores all your beliefs, habits and learned behaviours – many of these things you’re not even aware of and have been in existence since you were a young child. It’s this part of the mind that we talk to in hypnotherapy. Our aim is to find those old patterns and behaviours that are holding you back and replace them with positive empowering patterns.


Feeling better
Imagine feeling confident in yourself – walking into a room and holding your head high, knowing people love and respect you. Imagine believing in your own power so much that you know you can achieve anything you want. My hypnotherapy sessions can help you release old patterns and build your confidence and self-esteem. I’m also trained in energy healing, EFT, and NLP, coaching and psychotherapy techniques so the sessions can be tailored to your needs.

Find out more
I offer appointments in Newbury, Thatcham or online via Zoom or Skype. Sessions are £65.00. For an informal, no-obligation chat to find out how I can help, drop me a line at, call me on 07921 123329 or fill in the form below.

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"I feel I have become more confident at work and stand my ground a lot more. Lindsay was fantastic. She was very calming and I always felt relaxed with her."

Claire, Newbury

"I was suffering from crippling low self esteem, self worth and self doubt. Since my sessions, I have a much higher self esteem and have strategies to deal with any negative thoughts or anxious feelings. I found it incredibly easy to open up to Lindsay about what was going on with me. Lindsay never judged and never TOLD me what to do, but instead helped me to make decisions that were best for me. She is incredibly professional and approachable."
NH, West Midlands

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