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Heal with nature

You may have found that if you’ve sat and marvelled at a sunset or walked along the beach listening to the waves crashing in, that you have noticed a change in your mood or physical state. As human beings we really are so connected to nature. It’s no wonder it is so healing for us.

Many scientific studies have been carried out which prove the healing power of nature. These studies tell us that being in nature can:

· lower your heart rate

· boost your immunity

· increase your brain power

· improve your state of mind

· improve your sleep

· reduce your stress levels

· ease pain and illness

· help to heal trauma.

There are many ways we can use nature to heal

Be near water If you live by the ocean, or near a lake or river, spend some time walking or sitting near the water. Be aware of all your senses – what can you see, hear, smell, taste and feel?

Heal with the trees You may laugh at the idea of hugging a tree but trees actually are great healers! If you live near the woods or even if you have a tree or two in your garden or the nearby park, spend some time near the trees. You could go wild and just run up and hug one. But if you’re a little more self-conscious, sit with your back against one and think about its roots going down into the earth. This helps to ground you. Even just leaning against a tree can help.

Exercise outside Depending on where you live this may not always be easy. In the winter in the UK we are not always blessed with dry weather! However, when you can, take a walk or a bike ride, play tennis or golf or practice your yoga outside. Another great exercise for practising outside is tai chi or chi gong.

Meditate outside Practice your meditation skills outdoors. (If you’re new to meditation read my blog on the basics). Being in nature can sometimes make it a little easier to practice.

Enjoy the weather Whether the sun is shining, the wind is blowing or the rain is pouring, get outside and soak up whatever the weather is and allow it to awaken all your senses.

Spend time in a garden Get out in a garden and sit and look, smell, hear and touch what is around you. Or maybe you prefer to work in a garden – getting your hands stuck in to the soil!

Look at pictures If you are unwell or bedridden and unable to get out in nature, look out of a window or look at pictures of nature and connect with it that way.

Why not choose something to do today and you may also want to think about what you may be able to do more regularly to allow you to heal with nature.

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