Stress, anxiety or low mood

Are you feeling stressed or overwhelmed?


Lacking in motivation and enthusiasm?


Panicky or fearful?


Feeling disconnected from those around you?


Stress, anxiety and low mood can affect so many of us and can have a devastating impact on our lives. Whether you just have an underlying feeling that something isn’t quite right or whether you feel overwhelmed with anxiety or suffer panic attacks, these thoughts and emotions can leave you feeling alone and not knowing where to turn.

This is where I can help – during my hypnotherapy sessions, we work with your mind to re-programme it for your benefit.

Re-programming your mind
What does re-programming your mind mean? Your mind is made up of your conscious mind and your subconscious mind. Your conscious mind is the thinking, logical part of your mind – the part that plans, analyses and sets goals. Your subconscious mind is the part of your mind that stores all your beliefs, habits and learned behaviours – many of these things you’re not even aware of and they have probably existed since you were a young child. It’s this part of the mind that we talk to in hypnotherapy. Our aim is to ‘re-programme’ the old patterns and behaviours that may leave you feeling stressed, anxious or overwhelmed.

Achieving your goals
Can you imagine feeling calm and in control? With a sense of joy and peace? Imagine feeling you can face anything that is thrown at you with confidence. My hypnotherapy and/or energy healing sessions can help you to address the blocks, thoughts, feelings or behaviours that are holding you back.

How you can work with me

Here are the two different ways you can work with me to help with your anxiety:




A comprehensive and cost-effective package to help you quickly overcome your anxiety. Includes 6 x 1-1 sessions, a series of information sheets and worksheets, several audio recordings and a variety of tools, techniques and skills.

Hammock Relaxing



This comprehensive online course is packed full of many of the tools and techniques I use 1-1 with clients to help them manage and overcome anxiety. 




Pay as you go 1-hour sessions delivered via Zoom.

Free resources

Check out my free resources to help you manage anxiety; including a series of videos and a 20-minute guided meditation.

Find out more

For an informal, no-obligation chat to find out how I can help, drop me a line at, call me on 07921 123329 or fill in the form below.

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"I no longer feel I have to depend on anti-depressants which is a huge thing for me".

Claire, Newbury

"I did the online sessions and gained lots of new technologies to help with my anxiety. Lovely being able to stay at home for it too! I'd definitely recommend".
Jo, Newbury

"My son was suffering terribly from anxiety leading up to and beyond his exams and this was having a very big impact on his eating and self confidence. Having used Lindsay's services previously myself, I knew she would be able to help. My son has worked through the things that were troubling him originally and felt he could trust Lindsay enough to confide in her which has got to be said is very difficult for a 16 year old. Well done Lindsay. My son is so much more confident in himself now and really talks to us if there is anything on his mind. He is keen to share his thoughts and feelings too. Lindsay has always been open and honest in her approach and will use various techniques depending on the needs identified in the initial consultations. I have recommended her to a number of people now".

KN, Thatcham

"The sessions have helped me to challenge my thoughts and give me strategies to control my anxiety. I would recommend Lindsay to anyone seeking help with any issue". 

Anonymous, Wokingham

"The sessions have helped me so much. They have completely helped my state of mind, I’m so so much calmer than I was and all the visualisations helped me conceive and keep my baby. The sessions have helped my relationship and me to move forward in my life and into a new life as a mummy. I absolutely loved every single session. You are so kind, caring, open and talented. I’ve recommended you to so many friends, would love everyone to have sessions with you!" 

Emma Bulough, Ewell, Surrey

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