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Hello and welcome to Intuitive Giraffe. I'm a hypnotherapist and healer working in private practice in Newbury and online via Zoom. I also deliver Wellbeing in the Workplace services to corporate clients across the Thames Valley and beyond.

What I can help you with...

Stress, anxiety or low mood

Self-confidence and


Nerves - tests, exams, presentations, speeches

Weight loss and changing 

your eating and drinking habits

Relationships and

dating issues

Fears and phobias

Quit smoking

Pain or illness

Cancer support

fit mind fit body programme

Here's what my clients are saying...

Claire, Newbury

My migraines have eased off a lot. I feel more content and settled and no longer feel I have to depend on anti-depression tablets, which is a huge thing for me. This has really helped me this past year and I cannot thank Lindsay enough. I would highly recommend her!


Ros, Newbury

The interactive healings were very powerful. and the differences I felt afterwards were sometimes quite profound. I felt very safe going into  quite deep issues with Lindsay. She was very easy to talk to and I would highly recommend her.

Sophie, Newbury

This was a totally new experience for me and at times it was mind-blowing how  much you can feel it working. It was a really positive  and beneficial experience. Lindsay made me feel at ease and gave excellent advice and guidance. I have recommended her to friends.

Some resources to help you on your journey...

Intuitive Giraffe | The Fairbourne Clinic, 

17 Wendan Road, Newbury, Berkshire RG14 7AG | Tel: 01635 745 009

Email: lindsay@intuitivegiraffe.com

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