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Coaching and
therapy fusion 


"What will you do with your one wild and precious life?"

Mary Oliver

My coaching and therapy fusion sessions are for those who are serious about change. These packages are tailor-made specifically for you and will incorporate a powerful combination of coaching, hypnosis and a range of other tools as needed (including mindfulness, emotional freedom technique, brain-training, NLP, somatic techniques, meditation and healing).

These sessions are ideal for you if you want the ultimate empowerment and transformation that comes from coaching but also feel that you may benefit from some therapeutic input and learning new tools.

On our journey together we will work on a deep level, challenging deeply imbedded ideas, habits or beliefs that may be holding you back from unlocking your full potential and manifesting the best version of you.

These transformative packages offer you:

  • Tools to create and maintain positive changes in your life

  • Strategies to help you deal with challenges

  • Deep transformation; going to the root of any perceived limitations

  • Self-empowerment and confidence

  • A control over your inner state

  • A reduction in stress and tension

  • Liberation from fears and worries

  • Recordings and resources as required

  • Fully guided support to enable you to manifest your desires and live with purpose.

Here's how I can help you...

All my coaching and hypnotherapy fusion sessions are delivered online via Zoom. These sessions work in exactly the same way as a face-to-face session and my clients tend to prefer this as they can relax in their own homes.

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6 x 60 minute sessions
Email support between sessions
Recordings as required
Self-directed tools
Information sheets as required

Price: £650

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10  x 60 minute sessions
Email support between sessions
Recordings as required
Self-directed tools
Information sheets as required

Price: £995

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15 x 60 minute sessions
Email support between sessions
Recordings as required
Self-directed tools
Information sheets as required

Price: £1275

What can coaching & therapy fusion sessions help with?

Here are some of the things people seek help with: 

  • Anxiety management

  • Chronic pain or illness

  • Fitness or weight goals

  • Business growth

  • Increased self-esteem and self-confidence

  • Managing relationships

  • Spiritual development

  • Law of attraction work

  • Changing habits

The above list is just a snapshot of what fusion sessions can help you with. Please get in touch to discuss what it is you'd like to achieve. 

How does it work?

In your first session we will discuss what it is you'd like to achieve. I then develop a programme specifically for you; taking into account your desires, experience and preferences. Sessions will vary and may include elements of coaching, hypnosis or various other tools as deemed appropriate. The programme will also provide you with tools to use yourself between sessions.

Get in touch for a free consultation

To book a free, no-obligation telephone consultation to discuss how I can help you:

Call me on 07921 123329 or 01635 745009

Email me at 

Or fill out the contact form

For each new client I pledge to plant three trees. Find out about my commitment to tackling climate change.


 I was recommended Lindsay as I was in a dark place and it felt whatever I tried I just couldn’t get out of my rut. I’d been struggling with depression and anxiety and over ten years I had tried a multitude of different things but it loomed over me and always seemed to come back. After a couple of months of fortnightly sessions, I was astounded with the progress I made. We used lots of different techniques which suited me and from the sessions I’ve been able to come out with various tools that work for me. I encourage people more to seek help, especially with Lindsay! I don’t know how many more weeks, months, years I would have continued to struggle if I hadn’t had her help. You’ve been a massive help Lindsay, and I am so grateful for you!


I was suffering from crippling low self esteem, self worth and self doubt. Since my sessions, I have a much higher self esteem and have strategies to deal with any negative thoughts or anxious feelings. I found it incredibly easy to open up to Lindsay about what was going on with me. Lindsay never judged and never TOLD me what to do, but instead helped me to make decisions that were best for me. She is incredibly professional and approachable.


The sessions have helped me so much. They have completely helped my state of mind, I’m so so much calmer than I was and all the visualisations helped me conceive and keep my baby. The sessions have helped my relationship and me to move forward in my life and into a new life as a mummy. I absolutely loved every single session. You are so kind, caring, open and talented. I’ve recommended you to so many friends, would love everyone to have sessions with you!

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