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"The mind that holds the problem is the mind that holds the solution, probably the best one"

Nancy Kline 

I offer both personal coaching (life coaching) and business coaching. Coaching is a process which enables you to unlock your full potential; maximising your performance, fulfilment and purpose. It is an equal partnership based on the understanding that you are the expert of your own life and that you have all the creativity, skills and ideas within you.

Through the coaching process I support you to identify and access these resources. Coaching encourages self-discovery and offers the opportunity to gain clarity of thought and an opportunity for exploration around your desired goals or vision for the future. It can help you to challenge your beliefs and perspectives, uncovering any perceived limitations or blocks and bringing about powerful new insights and awareness.

All my coaching packages offer 1-1 coaching delivered online as well as email support between sessions. 

Here's how I can help you...

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3 x 90 minute coaching sessions
Email support between sessions

Price: £495

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6 x 90 minute coaching sessions
2 x 20 minute brainstorming calls
Email support between sessions

Price: £895



12 x 90 minute coaching sessions
3 x 30 minute brain storming calls
Email support between sessions

Price: £1525

What can coaching help with?

Here are some of the things people seek coaching for: 

  • Improved performance - in business, sport or personal situations

  • Stress management

  • Finding greater purpose

  • Improved relationships or communication skills 

  • Achieving health and fitness goals

  • Business challenges

  • Overcoming self-destructive habits

  • Defining a vision for the future 

  • Managing transitions - career, relationship, life

  • Becoming more aligned with spirituality

  • Achieving a greater work-life balance

  • Decision-making

If you are looking for support with something not listed above, please get in touch. Coaching can help so many people in various ways - it's impossible to list them all!

I also offer executive coaching for organisations and I specialise in working with SMEs. To find out more visit Lindsay Heath Associates.

How does it work?

In our first session we will explore the topic/s you want to focus on and agree what would you would like to achieve from your sessions. I will support you every step of the way by actively listening to you and giving you time and space to explore your thoughts. I will ask you questions to help you to gain understanding and insight. I will challenge you at times; reflecting back to you what I notice, challenging some of your beliefs, assumptions or perspectives in order to break through any perceived limitations. We will work together to discuss options and choices, agree action steps and I will hold you to account regarding what you commit to.  

The sessions are based around powerful conversations but may also include particular tools and activities as appropriate for you. 

Coaching is an incredibly enlightening and transformative process; enabling you to find clarity, understanding and make powerful shifts and changes in your life. 

Get in touch for a free consultation

To book a free, no-obligation telephone consultation to discuss how I can help you:

Call me on 07921 123329 or 01635 745009

Email me at 

Or fill out the contact form

For each new client I pledge to plant three trees. Find out about my commitment to tackling climate change.


Mind-blowing sessions! have achieved so much more than I thought was possible. My perspective has totally changed around how I view my career and work-life balance and that has been so powerful. You were totally 'in' the sessions with me - a brilliant coach!


Lindsay helped me break cycles of work burnout and reframe my mindset around goal achievement. She enabled me to realise that I approached my life with two speeds - 1st Gear or 5th Gear. Through developing awareness of my values and reframing some beliefs, Lindsay enabled me to develop other ways of working which compliment my natural speeds. This has enabled me to achieve in a healthier and more sustainable manner, leaving me feeling more fulfilled and balanced in my life. 


The sessions helped me gain an understanding about my beliefs, habits and expectations about losing weight. Following the sessions I am so much more aware of how I approach food choices, especially treats (which usually involve a lot of sugar!) I will be continuing to make sure I treat myself in different ways. It was really fascinating to discover what link I made between sweet treats and self love. Your active listening skills are amazing!

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