August 20, 2020

This is the fifth in the series of blog posts focusing on the seven main chakras and in this blog we look at the fifth chakra – the throat chakra. 

The throat chakra is the gateway between the lower chakras (root, solar plexus, sacral and heart) and the upper chakras (t...

May 21, 2020

I was delighted to be a part of Victoria Brown's fabulous podcast series 'Live fit Now' and in this episode Victoria and I chat about hypnotherapy and healing. I bust a few myths and share some helpful techniques.

May 11, 2020

Lockdown - it's a funny old time, and all of us are affected differently. However we are affected, many of us are experiencing changes to our usual routine. If your daily tasks and timescales are currently more flexible than they were pre-lockdown, this is the perfect...

October 4, 2019

Take a tip from Wonder Woman… me you’ll thank her.


Amy Cuddy and her TED talk on power poses has created quite a splash on YouTube. The American social psychologist, author and speaker has written and spoken a lot about body language. But in particular ab...

September 12, 2019

A number of new clients ask me what the subconscious mind is, how it is different from the conscious mind and why we speak to the subconscious when in hypnosis. So here is an explanation (without getting too sciencey!!)

Your conscious mind is the logical, thinking part...

September 3, 2019

In this video I share three tips to help you manage and understand your eating habits better in order to

achieve your weight loss goals.

August 17, 2019

Ahhh… that feeling of being comfy…lovely isn’t it. Curling up under the duvet after a long day or relaxing in your garden with a good friend on a summer’s afternoon. We all like to be comfortable. And for many of us we try to do all we can to feel this way as much as p...

August 8, 2019

In this video I show you how to use the anchor technique to be able to induce a positive emotion at times when you need it; such as confidence, strength or calm.

May 30, 2019

If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with cancer or are currently undergoing treatment you’ll know that cancer can present you with a wide variety of symptoms and challenges; mental, emotional, physical and logistical.

Firstly, your thoughts may be focused on the d...

February 18, 2019

The root chakra is the first of the seven main chakras and needs to be in balance before we can work on balancing the other chakras. As the first of the chakras, the root chakra is closest to the earth and is therefore the most physical of our chakras. It relates to ou...

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Power poses and power words that'll make you feel fantastic!

October 4, 2019

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