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Listen to your inner wisdom

We have all the answers we need inside of ourselves. It's just a case of connecting with and listening to our inner wisdom and this meditation is a great way of doing just that. It should probably take you around 15 minutes. You may want to read through this a few times before you do the meditation so you don't need to keep opening your eyes. When you are ready, follow the steps of this meditation which I learnt from Sue Allen, formerly Director of the School of Intuition and Healing:

Follow your inner wisdom

1) Sit or lie somewhere comfortably, close your eyes, focus on your breathing and allow your mind to become still.

2) With your eyes still closed, picture in front of you a series of coloured ribbons, all trailing off into the distance. There are many different colours to choose from – see which one appeals to you most. In your mind, take hold of your chosen coloured ribbon and begin to follow it.

3) See what kind of landscape it leads you to. Look all around and take everything in. What do you see? How do you feel?

4) You will find, in your landscape that there is a person waiting for you. Who is it? What do they say to you?

5) You will then be approached by an animal. What animal is it? Does the animal speak to you? Does it have a message for you? How does the animal make you feel?

6) Continue to follow your ribbon until you reach its other end. Where are you now?

7) At the end of the ribbon is a gift for you. What is the gift? What does it mean to you?

8) Say thank you for the gift. Bring your attention back to your breathing, back to your body and then slowly open your eyes.

Review your experience and see if you can understand what you have learnt. What messages were you given? How did you feel? What was your gift and what does it mean to you?

By allowing yourself to become truly relaxed, to switch off your thoughts and follow your visualisations, you are accessing your inner wisdom!

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