A guide to your root chakra

The root chakra is the first of the seven main chakras and needs to be in balance before we can work on balancing the other chakras. As the first of the chakras, the root chakra is closest to the earth and is therefore the most physical of our chakras. It relates to our physical body and being grounded in our bodies. It represents our life force energy and, as the most physical of our chakras, it relates to survival – so it links with our self-preservation, security, safety, natural instincts and our flight or fight response. Below is a summary of the some of the main attributes of the root chakra.

Chakra: Root (base)

Sanskrit name: Muladhara (meaning ‘root support’)

Location: Base of spine, perineum

Colour: Red

Element: Earth

Subtle body: Physical

Vowel: O

Sense: Smell

Challenge: Fear

Twinned with: Heart and crown chakras

Basic rights: To be here, to have (to have a life and be in this body)

Physical issues: Skeletal system, reproductive system in men, teeth, adrenal glands, legs, knees, feet, lower part of intestinal tract, anus

Emotional issues: Safety, survival, security, grounding, foundation/roots, stability, trust, support, self-preservation, instinct, male sexuality.

When your root chakra is healthy and in balance you feel grounded and comfortable in your body. You will generally feel healthy with good vitality. You feel safe and secure and able to relax and be still. You feel comfortable with a natural sense of belonging and you demonstrate good self-care and appropriate boundaries.

When any changes or issues in our lives affect or threaten our security or survival, our root chakra can suffer. Babies who suffered birth trauma, early feeding difficulties or problems bonding with their mother may have had problems with proper development of the root chakra.

If you are facing challenges with your health, job, home or finances these may all be interpreted as a threat to your survival and there is a good chance these challenges will affect your root chakra.

If you have suffered physical, emotional or sexual abuse, abandonment, major illness or surgery you may also have root chakra issues. Any kind of lack of nurturing, abandonment, rejection, neglect, abuse or malnourishment can threaten our safety and security and can cause issues with the root chakra.