A guide to your sacral chakra

In the second of this series of blog posts we will look at the second of the seven main chakras; the sacral chakra.

As the second of the chakras, the sacral takes us from our physicality (demonstrated in the root chakra) and brings us into our feelings and emotions; our desires, sexuality and creativity. It teaches us to let go, to feel and to move.

This chakra is where we hold our sense of self, our self-esteem, sexual energy and power, desires, pleasures and self-gratification.

Below is a summary of the some of the main attributes of the sacral chakra:

Chakra: Sacral

Sanskrit name: Svadhisthana (sweetness)

Location: Around four finger widths below your tummy button

Colour: Orange

Element: Water

Subtle body: Emotional body

Vowel: Oooh

Sense: Taste

Challenge: Guilt

Twinned with: Throat chakra

Basic rights: To want, to feel, to have pleasure

Physical issues: Kidneys, bladder, female reproductive system, urinary system, lymphatic system, lower back, pelvis, hips

Emotional issues: Creativity, sensuality, sexuality, sense of self, identity, motivation, passion, pleasure, flow and movement, the world of the inner child, addictions.

When your sacral chakra is healthy and in balance you generally enjoy life and have fun. You are able to give and receive pleasure and experience desire and excitement. Connecting to your creativity comes easily. You have a good sense of self; displaying healthy boundaries and emotional intelligence. When your sacral chakra is healthy you are comfortable with your sexuality, sensuality and intimacy. You find it relatively easy to adjust to change and be flexible. And you can move freely and easily with grace.

Anything that challenges your sense of self, your sexuality and pleasure can affect your sacral chakra. Those who have suffered abuse (sexual, emotional or physical) will often experience issues with the sacral chakra. In addition, if you suffered neglect, rejection or emotional manipulation you may also see problems in this chakra. Sacral chakra issues can be prevalent if you are/have been in or around volatile situations (for example an alcoholic family). On a physical level, anything impacting your sexual organs (such as rape or abortion) can also trigger problems in this chakra.

As the chakra is related to movement and feeling, anything affecting this in childhood can cause issues; children who were restricted in movement (perhaps confined to a play pen too often) or suffered a lack of physical contact or intimacy may see issues. Also, if you felt you were not allowed to express your feelings or emotions, you may suffer in this chakra.