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Ten signs you may have an energy imbalance

What is an energy imbalance?

Our bodies are made up of energy - flowing in and around us constantly (cast your mind back to science lessons at school). This energy flows through seven main energy centres (chakras) and around the rest of our bodies. Imagine a river flowing freely. This is how our energy systems should flow. Now imagine, after a big storm, some large trees have fallen into the river and blocked it. The water can no longer flow freely. Where the trees have fallen, the river gets blocked, the water backs up and there may be flooding. There may be parts of the river that aren't blocked by the trees and the water runs faster to these areas desperately trying to find a way down to the sea. The river is no longer flowing freely and evenly.

Our energy systems are the same. If there is a block in our energy system, the energy no longer flows freely and it can throw us out of balance.

Do I have an energy imbalance?

How do we know if we have an energetic imbalance? Answer the following ten questions:

1) Do you sometimes suffer from anxiety or depression?

2) Do you often feel tired and lethargic?

3) Do you suffer from headaches, dizziness or insomnia?

4) Do you seem to have regular colds or sore throats and generally feel run down?

5) Do you suffer from regular back pain?

6) Do you have any digestive or urinary problems? (irritable bowel, regular upset stomachs, diarrhoea, constipation, UTIs)

7) Do you find it difficult to make decisions, ending up procrastinating or putting off making the decision?

8) Do you feel like you've simply lost your mojo? A bit stuck and lacking in passion and drive?

9) Do you have repeated injuries or ongoing pain in any of your muscles or joints? 10) Do you suffer from aches, pain or stiffness in your neck or shoulders? If you've answered yes to any of the above, the chances are you have blocks in your energy system causing an imbalance.

What can I do?

Blocks can be released in in order to help you get your energy system back in balance. There are certain techniques you can try yourself or you can see a professional.

Self-help: Different symptoms and areas of our body relate to different chakras (read my introduction to the chakras on my blog page). If you can work out which chakras may be blocked you can do some work yourself towards releasing the blocks (meditation, visualisations, yoga and various other exercises). See my guides to the first two chakras (the root and the sacral) and ways to help heal them.

Professional help: Alternatively, see a qualified energy healer who can help you release any blocks and bring your system back into balance. I offer distance healings, via Zoom, to any location in the world. For more information, get in touch.

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