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The body scan: train your mind, hone your attention skills and release blocked emotions

The body scan is a great way of getting in touch with your body, training your mind, honing your attention skills and releasing blocked emotions. The aim is to be aware of the different regions of your body and just to experience how each part feels, exactly as it is, with no judgement and without trying to change anything.

The body scan will take around 20-30 minutes and you need to be lying down somewhere comfortable and undisturbed.

How to do the body scan

Start by taking a few deep breaths, letting your mind become still. Then become aware of your entire body and where it is resting.

Slowly bring your attention to your feet. Become aware of them. What temperature are they? What are they touching? Are there any sensations or irritations? Is there any numbness, tingling or pain? Just be aware, without judgement and allow any sensations just to ‘be’.

Then let this awareness creep up into your calves, becoming aware of how hot or cold they are, how they feel, whether they are light or heavy, if they are relaxed or tense. Then work up into your knees.

Continue this exercise, slowly working up your entire body. Make sure you cover not only your limbs but your hips, lower, middle and upper back, abdomen and chest, shoulders and neck, all of your facial muscles and your head.

Once you have focused your attention all the way up to the top of your head, rest for a few minutes, focusing on your awareness of your body as a whole. Feel it’s contact with the bed or mat. Be aware of any overall sensations. When you are ready, bring your attention to your breath. Take a few breaths and then open your eyes.

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