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A meditation to clear your chakras

This meditation is great for balancing and unblocking your body's energy centres (chakras)

I learnt this meditation from Sue Allen who was formerly the Director of the School of Intuition and Healing:

Lie or sit somewhere comfortably. Close your eyes, relax and take some deep breaths. Take a couple of minutes to still your mind by focusing on your breathing. When you are ready, visualise yourself standing near the ocean. In front of you is a lighthouse. Picture yourself walking towards the lighthouse – be aware of how it looks and how you feel. Open the door to the lighthouse and walk in.

You will see a spiral staircase winding its way around the edge of the lighthouse – and as the staircase goes upwards, there are various doors, all the way to the top. At the bottom of the staircase is a red door. Open the door and walk through. What do you see? Are you inside or outside? What can you hear? What do you feel? Take time to become accustomed to what is through this door. If you are uncomfortable with anything, make any necessary changes. When you feel content, walk back out through the door, close it behind you and make your way up the staircase.

The next door is orange. Open the door and walk through. Follow the same process – being aware of what you see, hear and feel and if there is anything you are unhappy with, change it in your mind. When you are ready, walk back through the orange door and close it behind you.

Continue to make your way up the staircase. The next door you come across is yellow. Go through the same process then close the door behind you and work your way up the stairs. The next door will be green, followed by a blue door, followed by an indigo door. The last one is a white door.

When you have gone through all the doors and have come back out of the last door, close it behind you, make your way back down the stairs. Leave the lighthouse closing the front door behind you. Take some deep breaths and open your eyes.

You have just worked through all of the main seven chakras of your body, being aware of how each chakra feels and you have helped to cleanse and balance them. If you felt particularly uncomfortable behind certain doors be aware of what colour they were and what chakra they represent:

Red - root

Orange - sacral

Yellow – solar plexus

Green - heart

Blue – throat

Violet - brow

White - crown.

You can read more information about the issues and emotions these particular chakras hold in my Introduction to the chakras blog.

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