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Introduction to your chakras

What on earth is a chakra and how does it relate to you and your energy?

Chakras are centres of energy within our body through which our energy flows. They are bit like re-chargeable batteries. We have seven main chakras and many more smaller ones.

We have energy flowing though us constantly and this energy follows a main ‘channel’ – from the base of your spine to the top of your head. It is a bit like a vertical power line. Your seven main chakras sit in this vertical power line.

Your energy system can be viewed as similar to the electrical wiring system in your house – the energy flows through various wires (your vertical power line) to get to the sockets and light switches it needs to get to (your body parts and organs).

Your energy needs to flow easily so that you feel fit, healthy and full of vitality. In order for this energy to flow, your chakras/energy centres it flows through need to be clear and unblocked. If you imagine pulling the plug in your bath and the water draining through – if there is a blockage in the drain somewhere the water is not going to flow freely. Your energy system is similar.

Any of your chakras can get blocked or a bit ‘clogged up’ by illness, stress, emotional problems, injuries and self-sabotaging behaviours. Each chakra relates to specific physical functions in the body as well as specific mental and emotional issues.

Below is a brief summary of each chakra, where it is located, and what physical and emotional systems it relates to. Future blog posts will go into more detail on each individual chakra:

Root (or base) chakra

Location: At the perenium

Colour: Red

Represents: Groundedness, physical body, survival, security, home, acceptance, self-preservation

Physical systems/conditions: Immune system, skeletal system, muscles, testes in men, ovaries in women, fertility, sexual functioning, legs, feet

Emotional/mental conditions: Depression, paranoia, fear, procrastination, poor boundaries

Sacral chakra

Location: Around four fingers below your tummy button

Colour: Orange

Represents: Emotional body, creativity, relationships, sense of self, self-esteem, sexuality, empowerment, finances, work, desire, pleasure

Physical systems/conditions: Reproductive system in women, urinary system, lymphatic system, lower abdomen, kidneys, bladder, circulatory system, lower back, sciatica

Emotional/mental conditions: Addictive behaviour, compulsiveness, obsession, sexual guilt

Solar plexus chakra

Location: Just beneath the diaphragm/sternum

Colour: Yellow

Represents: Mental body, processing of emotions and thoughts, home of the ego, self-esteem, self-confidence, personal power, control, strength, will, determination, logic, reason

Physical systems/conditions: Digestive system, adrenal glands, pancreas, liver, stomach

Emotional/mental conditions: Anger, worry, fear, anxiety, frustration, lack of direction, victimisation, hot temper, judgemental attitude, controlling behaviour

Heart chakra

Location: In the centre of the chest

Colour: Green (or pink)

Represents: The bridge between the lower (physical) chakras and the higher (spiritual chakras), home of the higher self/soul/spirit, unconditional love for self and others, trust, truth, knowing, wisdom, joy, forgiveness, acceptance, compassion, harmony, peace

Physical systems/conditions: Cardio-vascular system, thymus gland, lungs, heart, breathing, circulation

Emotional/mental conditions: Depression, grief, lack of compassion

Throat chakra

Location: Throat/neck

Colour: Sky blue

Represents: Communication, expression of the issues from the sacral and heart chakras, clairaudience, responsibility, your ‘calling’, synthesis of ideas, integrity

Physical systems/conditions: Neck, shoulders, arms and hands, ears, nose and throat, thyroid glands

Emotional/mental conditions: Creative blocks, dishonesty, communication problems

Brow chakra

Location: In the centre of the forehead

Colour: Indigo

Represents: Insight, intuition, self-awareness, perception, knowing, clairvoyance, telepathy, imagination, completeness, inspiration, inner vision

Physical conditions: Eye problems, pituitary gland and endocrine system, pineal gland, headaches

Emotional/mental conditions: Confusion, problems with concentration, fear, nightmares, poor memory, neurological problems, mental rigidity

Crown chakra

Location: At the top of the head

Colour: Violet (or white)

Represents: Our spiritual connection, consciousness, surrender, release, divine purpose

Physical systems/conditions: Pineal gland, pituitary gland, central nervous system

Emotional/mental conditions: Depression, lack of inspiration, alienation, senility, insomnia, confusion, migraines



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